Tuesday, April 17, 2007

After the April Snow!

Ever wonder what happens to animals when it rains? They get wet! Just look at this bedraggled blue jay...

...solitary Eastern phoebe...

...and wet and lonely robin!

Not to mention this "boy are you in the wrong place buddy!" red squirrel!

Business at the feeder was brisk during our recent snowstorm. Many of the early migrants are in need of a good feed after a long flight and it doesn't look as though they will get much for at least a few days here in the Lanark Highland!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moose and Turkey

I had to drive from Elphin to Peterborough (Ontario) the other day and, although it was a dreary day, I did spot some interesting wildlife!

The first animal to hove into view was a huge cow moose! It was standing a hundred yards from the highway on a frozen marsh. I have driven that highway many times and this was my first moose sighting. I did a U turn and pulled up on the side of the road to get a photo but the moose took off as soon as my car stopped. Too bad.

An hour later I had to slow down because a flock of wild turkeys were crossing the highway. A group of seven females scurried in front of me. This time I did manage to get a few shots before they disappeared behind a barn. Turkeys are gorgeous birds. I wrote an article on them which you can read (if you are interested) at the wonderful Log Cabin Chronicles site.

Spring and Goldfinches

Is it my imagination, or are there hints of spring on the plumage of this male goldfinch?
Can you see the bits of bright yellow starting to show on his chin and back?
Is this why I am dreaming of gardening again?
So many questions, so little time!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hoppy's girlfriend?

When people come to visit for the first time I always add, after giving them directions, " and watch out for deer!"

In the Lanark Highlands, drivers have to be on the look out for deer any time of the day, month or year. We have to practice "Constant vigilance!" (as Mad-eye Moodie says in Harry Potter). If one crosses the road in front of me I always slow down, as two or more often follow. You never know when a deer might suddenly burst from the brush at the side of the road. My neighbours have had deer run headlong into the side of their van - twice!

David and I have had many close calls with deer, but the one in the photo was not one of them. It crossed the road well ahead of my trusty van and as I had my camera, here's a shot of her! Don't the dried Queen Anne's Lace seed heads in the foreground look beautiful against the warm red-brown of the deer's winter coat?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Red-winged Blackbird

These are not great photos - taken through the window on New Year's day, but since these birds are significant to David and since we don't usually have any at our feeder at this time of year, I thought I'd add them. Has anyone else had blackbirds at their feeders this winter?

Monday, December 4, 2006

Birds on the top of the deer fence on a bright morning

The weather remains cold after the freezing rain of a few days ago and everything is still covered with a layer of ice. The leaves of the rose bush beside this chickadee seem frozen in time - still showing their fall colours.

We have an 8 foot deer fence that surrounds the vegetable garden. The cedar posts that hold it up extend a few feet above the wire and provide perfect perches for birds waiting their turn at the nearby feeder. This Downy woodpecker is will land a foot from my shoulder just after I took her photo.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Oh Deer!

I know these are not great photos. It was late in the day and by the time I got my camera out the deer were already across the road, so the shots are grainy. There were 5 deer in this group. I was pleased to see that they all looked fat and healthy - probably browsing on my perennials!

Just look at those tails! There is much discussion on the purpose of the white flags. Are they meant to scare approaching predators or warn other deer that danger is at hand? All I know is that I get a thrill every time I see them waving off through the bush.